About Me

                                    John at the 2008 VCE Top Arts Exhibition in the National Gallery Victoria

I was born in 1990 and attended Kinglake West Primary School, which had an active art department. I did various drawing classes as a child then went to Diamond Valley Secondary College where I took art as often as I could. I did some master classes at RMIT in stencil art and ink drawing and during my VCE I studied art for which the theme I chose to focus on was "The Green Man".

After experimenting with copper and zinc etchings which I found difficult and somewhat tedious, I chose to work on linocuts and developed plates using several ideas. These included trees suggesting dark forest groves, faces in trees, trapped spirits and a stylized depiction of the green knight with his beheading axe.

The Green Man is the Celtic god of nature and so my work focused on nature. My final art piece for the subject, "The Eternal Watcher", was chosen to be exhibited in the Silk Cut, Nilumbik Creative Minds and Top Arts 'the Season of Excellence' exhibitions.Since then my work has been exhibited in many exhibitions and galleries around Victoria.

I then completed a Bachelor of Science at The University of Melbourne followed by a Masters degree in Zoology. I now work as a zoologist and fill my spare time with art. Animals have always been a big part of my life and are now becoming the subject of my artwork more than ever.

Lino cuts are created by carving into a sheet of lino, similar to that which was popular for floor coverings. I carve out every where I wish to be white in the final image. It is a difficult and time consuming process, and any mistakes cannot be rectified, but it is ultimately very rewarding.

To see my Linocuts click the Linocuts page above.

Drypoint etchings are basically the opposite to linocutting. For etching I scratch every line I want into a sheet of acetate with a mounted needle. Shading is created by the varying application of pressure when etching a shape.

To see my Etchings click the Etchings page above.

I print all of my work at 'Rambunctious Press' with Deanna Hitti. Over the years she has provided invaluable knowledge and advice and if you are seeking understanding of the fantastic world of print making I could recomend no-one better to speak to.

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